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Impowered Visionary Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is TOUGH — but what better place for free-spirited creatives, holistic healers and visionaries to break the mold of what is NOT working in the current world, and actually make a difference?

This is a support & accountability group, NOT a network marketing group.

Free Facebook group, suggested donation for live events (none turned away).

Sensitive Souls Impowerment Group
(A private Facebook group)

We are a group of impowered individuals changing our own lives and the world around us — 
not by toughening up,
not by by being less of who we are…
but by LEVELING up our sensitive nature.

The group is both private and free to all who sign up.

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More About Our Communities

Impower Communities

Whether you call yourself a healing arts practitioner, social worker, counselor, artist, maker, mentor, social entrepreneur, leader, visionary, parent, non-profit worker, educator or other creative and helping profession; you care about others and have a deep desire to serve and make the world a better place.

The challenge is that sometimes it is hard to be heart-centered and sensitive in a world that is constantly telling us to “toughen up” and “get a thicker skin.” Actually, the opposite is true.  The world needs to receive a deeper level of compassion and empathy for it to heal – and the best way for that to happen is for each of us to be strong in our sensitivity.

To stand true in one’s own authenticity is definitely a hero’s journey that we can only walk ourselves, but we don’t have to travel alone.

Whether you are a member of a private online Facebook group or one of our Impower U educational groups, our communities are designed to be an oasis of mutual support and inspiration that can keep your inner well inspired as you create the extraordinary life that you were meant to live.


This combination of vlog and blog shines a light on practical ways to bring inner wisdom into daily life.  Come join us on the road less traveled on a journey that will inspire, delight and bring insight into some of the most challenging and rewarding parts of being human.

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Join our Pragmystic posse in reconnecting to our inner selves through arts and imagination, dreams, myth, mind-body awareness practice, and world wisdom traditions (present and past). The group is both private and free to all who sign up.

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