Dr. Tabitha's Story

One of the most important trainings that a healer can have is to be taken to the precipice of all they know so that they can become something more.  Maybe you have been there too.  Tabitha shares her journey here:

Don't Ever Become a Doctor

My father was a physician, and although beloved by his patients, he was frustrated with aspects of the conventional medical system. “Don’t ever become a doctor.” He advised all of us kids – and I had no intention of ever doing so.

Sometimes life has different plans for us…

Dark Night of the Soul

When I was 15, my mother was incapacitated by an illness that none of us had a name for. All I knew is that it took what I knew about myself and life and crushed it like a stream roller over a soda can. As the eldest of four, I did my best to protect her while sheltering my siblings from the brunt of the impact. However, soon the months started taking their toll on me.

Eventually, exhausted, dispirited, with my reality broken all around me, I hit my dark night of the soul…


I remember sitting in the closet with its dark gathered around me and within me.  Yet in that darkest moment of utter emptiness and fear, I saw a spark of light at my center.  

At the time, I didn’t have a name for it,  but in an instant, I realized that I had two choices: to trust the light of wisdom inside of me that said that even if I didn’t know what was happening now, that someday I would — or to fall into the pit of despair.

To me, the choice was obvious — and my inner journey of healing began that day.

Perhaps you have had a similar experience of that dark night of the soul?

Finding the Gifts


Since then, I have spent 35 years cultivating the voice of what I now call the inner Self  — and learned more about how that connection to this part of our being helps us heal and move through life with greater ease and less suffering regardless of the circumstances.  Along the way of studying various philosophical, psychological, spiritual and mind-body traditions  — I even became what my father always advised against (but on the natural side of things) – a doctor of East Asian medicine.

Ultimately, my mission is to help people be more Self-centered – not in the ego sense, but to actually be centered in their own True Self. Whether this is a new concept, or a familiar one – my goal is to provide reliable ways for you to connect to your own inner wisdom, so that you can heal, be the best version of who you came to be in this world, and share your gifts with others.


Meet Tabitha


 Tabitha Marsh is the founder of  Impower Healing, LLC where she shares her skills as an online educator, holistic coach, and writer. She also is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM).

“Living in alignment with your True Self is like plugging into your own inner power circuit.  It is the source of your capacity to heal, be resilient, and live an amazing life full of meaning and purpose. In connecting with it, you light up not only your own life, but also the world.”

— Tabitha Marsh


How can we join inner and outer worlds to create an extraordinary life?

This is the juicy question that gets me excited about waking up in the morning, and the search for its answer comes from my own early struggle of being a highly sensitive person (HSP) in a world that has often seemed overwhelming.

Although most people know me as Natural Pain & Stress Relief Specialist, my search for personal healing actually began in my early schools days – when I was a nerdy, meditating, dream analyzing, personal growth junkie and tree-hugger in the 80’s.  (Ok, I still am.) 😉

The thing is, that being a person who thinks for themselves and questions the norms isn’t always a popular person – and I was no exception.  Perhaps like me, you were made to walk the road less traveled – but struggle between having your head in the clouds and managing the “real world.”  

Later, a dark-night-of-the-soul event in my mid-teens led me on a personal path of alleviating suffering and finding more joy in life.

This culminated in a 30+ year journey through the worlds of massage therapy, counseling psychology, acupuncture, energy medicine, East Asian medicine, teaching, personal growth practice, world philosophical and spiritual practices, art therapy and mind-body movement such as qigong and yoga. 

Now, it is my joy to put all this experience into your hands so that you can find your own self-healing (without as much time!). Whether you are navigating a personal life change or trying to bring your vision into manifestation, I’m excited to support you in your journey of living the extraordinary life YOU were meant to live. 


After nearly three decades of working with people with chronic pain and stress, I know from experience that the people who get better the fastest are the people who do the inner work along with the outer work.


 As many a holistic practitioners knows, if you don’t address the source of pain or illness, it is just going to crop back in a different form.  And the source of our pain is often in our relationship with the life stressors themselves.


So Impower was created to help people master their own ability to heal, by giving them the tools to not only relieve physical pain, but the inner suffering that comes from constant overwhelm and being out of alignment with ourselves.


There are a lot of challenges in the world right now.  But I think the mistake people make is thinking that change is going to happen from the top down — when actually it is the opposite.

This is why it is so important for people not only to connect to their Inner Self, but bring it out into the world —  to live from the INNERSIDE-OUT where our true power to transform our lives and the world resides. 

My personal mission?  To help people connect to their inner power circuit so that they can light up their own lives and the world.

Fair question. Here is a list of some of my formal training for those who like the details:

Pacific College of Health & Science2020. DACM (Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine)

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine2012.  MAcOM (Master of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine)

Oregon Board Licensed Acupuncturist, 2012.

Pacifica Graduate Institute2007: MA in Counseling Psychology

Oregon School of Massage, 1994: Certificate in Massage Therapy
Oregon Board Licensed in 1994, OR license#5104.  [currently inactive]     

Western Oregon University, 1990: BA Humanities Major coursework in Foreign Languages & Social Science.

When I first started out as a massage therapist in 1994, schools taught you how to practice your art.  They did not prepare you for the business world or being in practice for yourself.

Frankly, most of us were probably more interested in healing than business anyway.  So most of what I learned, I learned from the school of hard knocks and 26 years of being in private practice in multiple settings.

However, along the way I learned a very important concept.  You can’t continue to serve people if you go out of business in the process.  So eventually I dug in and learned everything that I could from social entrepreneurship to web design, marketing, leveraging, social media, online course creation, abundance and money awareness – always keeping honed in on what was passionate and alive for me so I was not only focused on creating a business that I loved, but also a life that I love!

Still, by the time I got my acupuncture license, I was seeing an increasing number of talented (and needed) practitioners exit the profession simply because there weren’t a lot of acupuncture jobs.  Many didn’t have the experience in business necessary to make ends meet in private practice — after all, they had studied to be healers not business owners.  

It made my heart ache to see such talented and compassionate individuals have to close their doors and “get a real job” when they had so much to give.  This is why I am so passionate about helping natural healing arts practitioners, artists, and other creatives to thrive in the business world.  

In addition, many sense (accurately) that old paradigms of business are outdated and icky. Nowadays, heart-centered business practices and socially aware entrepreneurship are providing ways for clinicians not only to feel more joyful in their practices, but also more financially abundant.

The other thing that I love and have been challenged by in private practice is that every insecurity and weak spot you have is exposed.  For this reason, I see it as truly a spiritual practice.  For most people, it is our inner fears and unconscious blocks that hold us back more than actual knowledge — and this is where I focus the majority of my work with individuals.

Tabitha draws from:

    • East Asian medical psychology & philosophy blended with Western psychological influences such as: Humanistic, Depth, Self-Psychology, Somatic, Systems Theory, Internal Systems Theory & Integral Theory.
    • 5 Element and alchemical healing practices.
    • Experience teaching and coaching students at a regional Massage School.
    • Mindfulness & meditative practices.
    • Lifelong dream work and journaling practices.
    • Creative practices such as art therapy, music & psychodrama.
    • Qigong, yoga and other mind-body movement methods.
    • Energy psychology.
    • World spiritual, philosophical, and personal growth modalities.
    • Personal experience as an HSP (highly sensitive person).

Current Explorations:

    • Enneagram Typology via shadow work (unconscious) and relationship patterns.
    • Ken Wilber’s integral theory and actualize OS system.
    • Lonny Jarrett’s clinical and theoretical work on Integral Medicine fused with Chinese Medical Practice.
    • Continued development of the concept of Inner Intelligence and the Inner Awareness (IA) system — Tabitha’s own system for developing a relationship with our inner healer and maximizing the expression of our true, authentic self in the world.

She has also been influenced by:

  • Thinkers such as: Carl Rogers, C.G. Jung, Ken Wilber, Carolyn Myss, Gary Zukav, Michael Meade, Brené Brown and others.
  • Alchemical and Integral Medicine leaders such as Lonny Jarrett and Lorie Dechars.
  • World travel, language and cultural studies.
  • The poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, and Mary Oliver.
  • Being the mother of two children, three cats and wife to an incredibly wise and wonderful husband.

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