IM-POW-ER (v.)

:: To empower from within

:: To connect to a source of power within oneself


Intentional!  “Impower” is an older, alternate spelling of “empower” that later went into disuse.  Our emphasis on the “I” of Impower represents the “Inner I” within everyone that is our true self.  This name reflect a belief that the true power to heal and change our lives is within.


Names hold the power of our intentions, and so it was particularly important to Tabitha to pick a name that reflected the journey that she wanted to bring others on.

While looking at the origins of the word “empower,” Tabitha discovered an old Latin version that had been spelled with an “I” — and it had subtle but profound differences in meaning from its twin.

Originally, the Latin prefixes En, Em, and In were used interchangeably — however they actually had subtly different meanings.

En and Em meant the same thing, “To look or to come” and Empowerment came to mean power that was given but ultimately comes from or is looked for outside of oneself.

In, on the other hand, “denoted space and was defined as ‘into, onto; towards or against.'” In-powerment (or Impowerment as it came to be known) is a space of power within ourselves that we can go towards or against, but ultimately determines whether our life is one of grace or struggle.

Empowerment is an important form of support that we receive from parents, authority figures, gurus (teachers), religions, experts, healers, helpers and anyone who believes in us.  They see and mirror our inner gifts — often before we fully have realized them ourselves.  In fully seeing us, they give us power — like fertilizer onto a ripe seed.

However empowerment is only the first half the journey.

The second half, comes when we realize that we can trust the strength of our own inner potential and the map it has for our life.  It is a time when we become fully “rooted” in who we are and become more directly connected to our own inner wisdom.  When this happens, we are ready to “branch out” in a way that allows our gifts to be shared more fully with the world.

In other words, empowerment brings us to the door of transformation.  To be impowered means to walk through that door.  

Ultimately, impowerment asks us, “Do we live from a place aligned with our true SELF or not?”  And if not, it is a reminder that we can regain TRUE power by coming back to Source within ourselves.”


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