Self-Healing & Wellness

Self-Healing Courses * Health & Wellness Coaching

Virtual Courses & Coaching

Interested in becoming your own healer? 

Impower U offers courses and programs for self-healing and becoming your own health advocate.

It also includes a private healing community

Don’t know where to begin?

Are you someone who is interested in Natural and Holistic approaches to health, but just don’t know where to begin?

Or maybe you are just hitting a brick wall in terms of getting the support you need from your current health care providers.

Impower wellness coaching was created to help you navigate healing options so that you can exit overwhelm and focus on healing.

Wellness Coaching is also for:

    • Highly sensitive people who do not respond well to conventional treatment and need additional support.
    • Chronic pain and illness that are worse with stress.
    • Health issues occurring at the same time as a major loss or life transition.
    • Developing your body awareness and inner intuition to be more impowered in your healing process.
    • When you want to change but are consistently not following through or have a lack of motivation.

In Person Treatment (limited)

Are you local & want deeper work?

I serve a small group of people who want additional support in resetting the patterns in their mind-body by working with me in my private clinic in McMinnville, OR.

Because of limited availability, I generally accept clients only via direct referral or students who have gone through my Self-Healing courses. You can learn more by clicking on the button above.

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